Meat Program

From the Chef cutting on our in-house bone saw, to our dry-age coolers filled with everything from the finest Prime Beef and Wagyu to an array of Chef crafted specialties, there is always something to celebrate for the steak connoisseur. Further distinguished by our proprietary aging methods, the result is the most precise, abundantly flavorful, and tender steaks on the market.

Prime cuts of steak at 801 Chophouse.
Neon sign for U.S.D.A. prime beef at 801 Chophouse.
Premium steak with details on tag at 801 Chophouse.
Chef selecting premium steak cut in the steakhouse kitchen.
Rack of elite prime ribs at fine dining steakhouse 801 Chophouse.
801 Chophouse chef
801 chef holding wagyu.
801 Wagyu on plate.
Raw cut of Wagyu beef ready to be prepared at 801 Chophouse.


Wagyu Cuts

At 801, we are proud to offer Wagyu daily at all of our locations. The Chef selects both domestic and imported Japanese A5 cuts to provide the finest Wagyu dining experience to our guests.

The word Wagyu translated directly means “Japanese beef”. Our imported Wagyu is sourced from the Japanese Black cattle breed, which makes up 90% of the cattle in Japan. Each of the 47 prefectures in Japan produce different brands of Wagyu boasting a variety of tasting notes due to differences in climate, feed, and cattle treatments. 801 Chophouse sources Wagyu from a variety of brands from the most acclaimed prefectures in Japan.

Our Domestic A5 Wagyu is sourced from farms local to each 801 Chophouse location, all with their own great story. Because we choose to source our beef from local Domestic A5 ranches and farmers, dining at each 801 Chophouse location becomes a unique experience. Domestic Wagyu is usually a cross-breed of American Black Angus and Japanese Black.

Each cut of A5 is the highest quality of steak available – which is why we say it’s truly a luxury steak. The grade of A5 comes from a combination of the Yield (A being the highest rating) and a maximum score of 5 from the marbling, color, and firmness of the meat.

Compared to our Elite Prime, our Domestic Wagyu is a step above. These cuts feature even more marbling and a softer texture than any of our other steaks. When you order a Wagyu A5 steak at 801 Chophouse, you can truly expect the best.